What men actually think about periods..??

It’s weird for men to think about period, menses and menstruation. The idea of thinking of a woman’s period is just too gothic maybe for some guys. 

PMS is real and every girl struggles with period symptoms every month. Men just don’t get it why we become aggressive and we tend to confront fights. Don’t worry we have a legit and medical excuse.

According to research, emotional distress is normal when you’re menstruating. Maybe you just need to educate your man about your period.

While it’s true that we have a legit excuse to not be too productive at work for two or three days while we’re menstruating, experiencing severe cramps in exchange of being relaxed at work is not worth it.

 We know what you’re thinking. Girls always have to carry the burden of worrying about being pregnant. If you’re not ready, doctors always recommend birth control implant and birth control pills.

You know your man’s not ready for a baby when he’s happy to know you just got your period.

Guys are familiar with sanitary napkins and tampons maybe because they’ve been sold in the market for a very long time. But they don’t know much about menstrual cups. Don’t worry.

Yes, menstrual cups are reusable but they’re washable and you can easily sterilize them.

Menstrual cups are far better than that of sanitary napkins.

Some men just hate the idea of buying sanitary napkins and tampons. And you know your guy is no exemption. Though a lot of girls consider it as one of their relationship goals, maybe it’s time for you to think otherwise.

Although there are some guys who don’t mind buying pads for their girls, it’s possible that your man is not very eager to buy your tampons.

Did you know that many years ago, some women were hesitant and uncomfortable to buy pads that stores would place a money box next to sanitary pads and they would just put money in the box without directly asking for them?

Also, they get confused with the different types of pads available in stores.

Although it’s medically proven that some girls can be horny when they’re menstruating, some guys think of the whole idea as messy and creepy.

Your vagina can be oversensitive and there’s extra lubrication when you’re having your menses. Your man might be bothered by the smell of blood that’s why sex is the last thing on his mind when you’re vagina’s bleeding.


Period can be every girl’s excuse every time you’re asked why you have bloated stomach. Some girls experience stomach bloating before and during their menses. He may think maybe it’s just the steak or the milkshake. Or it would cause panic for his part especially when you start having food cravings.

It’s cool being a girl. Your body is magical, your vagina can bleed for three or four days and you can bear children. Your cramps are normal. 

Men have different views about menstruation. The women of today are lucky enough that we can now openly discuss about our period without being ashamed about it. It’s even easier for us to buy pads in stores.

You can even buy menstrual cups and feminine hygiene products online. Period shaming isn’t as terrible as before although until now, it’s still taboo for most men.

That’s why it’s a good thing that we have menstrual articles online and some men magazines talk about it, somehow educating the male species.